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Detailed Video Overview Version 4 Standard Edition

Skater stats include:
  • Games played (c)
  • Goals by period
  • Assists by period
  • Points (c)
  • Points per game (c)
  • Penalties in minutes
  • Shots on goal by period
  • Scoring percentage (c)
  • Power play goals (c)
  • Short handed goals (c)
  • Game wining goals
  • Face-off win percentage (c)
  • Turnovers*
  • Takeaways*
  • Hits*
  • Plus/Minus (c)
  • Plus/Minus rank (c)
* Note: Configurable label to allow for other stats to be tracked in these fields.

Goaltender stats include:
  • Games played (c)
  • Minutes played
  • Goals allowed by period
  • Empty net goals
  • Shots on goal by period
  • Saves (c)
  • Save percentage (c)
  • Shutouts
  • Goals against average (c)
  • Win, loss and tie record
Special Team Stats Include:
  • Power play opportunities
  • Power play goals for (c)
  • Power play goals against (c)
  • Power play efficiency (c)
  • Penalty kill opportunities
  • Short handed goals for (c)
  • Penalty kill goals allowed (c)
  • Penalty kill efficiency (c)
Stats listed with (c) are automatically calculated for you.

In addition, many team performance metrics are computed automatically for you on the Summary worksheet. For a full details view the product overview for the Hockey Stats Tracker Premium Edition v5.
Hockey Stats Tracker for Microsoft Excel 2010

The Hockey Stats Tracker software will help you track your hockey team and player statistics including goals, assists, plus/minus statistics, goaltender stats, special team stats, and more, all within Excel.

The complexity has been removed for you and programmed into the Colorado Hockey Institute Hockey Stats Tracker Microsoft Excel Workbook. The worksheets have been programmed with many hundreds of hours of development and testing to allow you to track up to 50 games in a single workbook. Plus/Minus, goals, and assists, penalty minutes, shots on goal, turnovers, hits, face-off wins/losses, goaltender saves/shots are entered into game tracking sheets. A game index worksheet lists all your recorded games and allows you to jump with hyperlinks to a specific game detail sheet. A summary sheet provides a total view of all your games in addition to providing a sortable player ranking.

The Hockey Stats Tracker follows the standard plus/minus rules, and also provides you with an easy way to change rules to view your team's short handed performance, power play performance, or create your own custom plus/minus rules. Switch between the different rules with just a single click.

We developed this in Microsoft Excel so that you can leverage the tools and skills you already have. No need to learn a custom application - you focus on recording stats and using the information to help in your coaching decision process.

We have put hundreds of hours over seven seasons into the development of this program which includes many complex formulas that will help hockey coaches at all levels stay organized and on top of their teams performance. The Hockey Stats tracker can be setup for your team in just a few minutes and then all you will need to do is enter in each game stats and focus on your team's performance. There is no need to create your own spreadsheets and formulas, because we have done it all for you.

New in the v5 Premium Edition is Player Performance charts that allow you to chart a players game or season performance for any of the tracked statistics. 

There are three Editions available:
  • Standard Edition
  • Premium Edition 
  • Professional Edition (coming soon)
Premium Edition includes all of the Standard Edition functionality, plus Player Performance Charts.
Do you need help keeping your stats entered and up to date? Purchase Data Entry Services where we will enter your stats for you and return your up to date workbook to you within 24 hours.

Already a user of the Hockey Stats Tracker v4.1? Purchase Data Conversion services to convert your version 4.1 workbook to the v5 workbook for Excel 2010. Just update the quantity for the number of workbooks you want converted for you. 

Use the Hockey Stats Tracker in conjunction with the Coaches Game Card. The Hockey Stats Tracker is for improved post game analysis, the Game Card will help you with game preparation and bench

View the detailed demo of the Hockey Stats Tracker Standard Edition.

The Hockey Stats Tracker purchase includes:
  • Hockey Stats Tracker Users Guide
  • Colorado Hockey Institute Hockey Stats Tracker Microsoft Excel 2010 Workbook
Download the product overview for the Hockey Stats Tracker Premium Edition v5.

Purchase the Hockey Stats Tracker and after purchasing, your workbook will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

By purchasing, you agree to the software license agreement.

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Microsoft Excel must be purchased separately.